Help your dad relax this Father’s Day


Your dad needs a break too. Relieve his tense muscles with Stone Therapy this Father’s Day. He probably really needs it and will thoroughly enjoy it.

All his life he’s been working so hard to raise his family that he hasn’t had time to relax at all. Let’s help him start now.

Stone Therapy will have an immediate positive effect on his health by soothing muscle aches, releasing stress, and helping him get a better sleep.

Option 1
Stone Therapy (Body Massage)
1 session: $89
5 sessions: $445 + FREE 30min  mini-facial
10 sessions: $890 + FREE 60min body massage

Option 2
Stone Therapy + Mini Facial
1 session: $119
5 sessions: $595 + FREE 30min  back massage
10 sessions: $1190 + FREE 60min body massage + FREE 30min mini-facial

Here’s some information about Stone Therapy.

What is Stone Therapy?

The therapy requires a skillful therapist that is able to tame and apply the smooth heated stone as an extension of their own hands. The heated stones can act as a catalyst for increasing the effects of warming up and relaxing the tight muscles. This allows the therapist to easily work deeper into the skin tissues to have a much more effective healing process for the body. The stone themselves are basalt, born from the volcanic ashes that were then smoothed out by the river or sea. The rocks properties such as absorption and well retention of heat makes it great for these therapies.

Although considered a modern-day body treatment fad, the practice is much older than many would expect. Traditions date back to as much as 2,000 years ago in the Chinese culture. There are still much speculations of where the treatment had first started due to its natural popularity to the ancient civilizations. After being a prevalent body healing method in places such as ancient China, Native America, Hawaii, Rome, Greece, India, Egypt, and many other places, it caught spark in the modern day industry when a person by the name of Mary Nelson had restarted the practice in North America in 1993.

Benefits of Stone Therapy Massage
The warm heat helps Muscle Relaxation as it relieves tension and sore muscles. When the muscles are relaxed, this allows the therapist to deeper penetrate stiff muscles allowing a greater Pain Relief sensation. Allowing the heated stones to rest on the trigger points on the body, blood vessels and tissues are opened to allow Improved Circulation, which ultimately increases one’s immunity strength. Mental Benefits are also included as the tension is eased off and causes the body to go into relaxing tranquility state that the heat brings.

The History of Hot Stone Massage


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