The Importance
& How to Use it

It’s Summer Time

And the sun is HOT. Be sure to use sunscreen and protect your skin. The sun can be very destructive so it’s essential to stay protected and hydrated. If you don’t know already, educate yourself with our guide to sunscreens and make sure you’re prepared for the sizzlin’ hot sun!

SPF and PA are the two important info you will see on the label of a sunscreen bottle. 1 SPF will block the sun for 15 minutes while PA levels rate the wavelength of the sun’s UV-A rays. Note, just because you use the highest rating doesn’t mean it’s the best for you.

Try this next time you need to buy a bottle of sunscreen:

Indoor activity: SPF 30
Outdoor activity: SPF 40+
Fall/Winter: PA+
Spring/Summer normal: PA++
Spring/Summer outside: PA+++

A Quarter
size is all you need for your face. Not too much, not too little. Nobody likes to feel that stickiness on your face. However, it’s okay to be liberal around your body.


30 Minutes
before you head out gives the sunscreen all the time it needs to settle in. If you put it on and leave immediately into the sun, it still takes 30 minutes to take effect so you’re still being exposed for that time!


Cloudy Days 
are a trap! The sun emits UV rays that pierces through clouds too. Although it doesn’t seem like it, you are being subject to all the same UV rays as when it’s sunny! Don’t confuse sunlight with UV.


And that’s it!
It’s easy to be protected this summer. Don’t forget these tips and your skin will be healthy for longer than ever.

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